I put a thread on Twitter yesterday about the greatest thing I've found in a long time: Robin Sloan's workspace for 2019, Year of the Meteor. Go there and sign up for his newsletter, which comes once a week, usually on the early afternoon of a lazy East Coast Sunday, perfectly timed to follow his sage advice and "always click the links." You never know what'll happen, but at a minimum you'll disappear into a universe of brilliantunexpected, and even-just-weird links for a while.

But threads on Twitter disappear quickly, so I'm reposting it here, hoping it gives you something you didn't realize you were missing – a host guiding you through a Museum of Curiosity every seven days for an hour or two.

For me, Sloan's guide is among the most generous artistic things I've found in a long time. I'm not sure how to properly thank him. Maybe I'll buy his books and send them to someone who hasn't read them yet? If that person is you, send me a tweet here or here.

Receiving Robin's newsletter has become the highlight of my week and I'm incredibly thankful for the paths it opens. Yesterday, the quote that got me was, "whatever weird thing you imagine, whatever you want to create, there are people ready to receive it.”


I love how he seamlessly transitions into the difference between creating for yourself and reaching others. The point is to understand what you hope for out of the making. And the the difference between that and the sharing.

A helpful question to ask may be:

What do I really want?


What do I really need?

Or even better than either of those questions, please go read Heather Havrilesky's latest book on this same idea: enough.

I found her latest collection via Austin Kleon and so far it’s the book of the year for me. (If you're more of a watch than read person, here she is talking with PBS about it.)

One small wonderful piece of advice she offers is to begin looking at things differently. Right now.


Just start. Create something YOU wish existed in the world. Then, as Sloan puts it simply, “do not doubt the number and quality of extremely cool people in the world.”

Some of them — who are cool just like you — will find it.

Which is exactly what he's doing with his newsletter, packing it with rabbitholes to lose yourself down.

Check it out. And remember: “always click the links.

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